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Your Guide to Celine’s 6 Most Classic Handbags

Your Guide to Celine’s 6 Most Classic Handbags
Since its founding in 1945, Celine has taken over the hearts of fashionistas worldwide. Known for its beloved leather luxury goods, each piece carries the brand’s lavish reputation that never seems to lose its sparkle. But with divine, elegantly designed handbags like these, it only makes sense that Celine is well loved by many.

From style to style, the brand’s identity holds true to itself with every detail. If there’s any bag you need in your timeless handbag collection, make it Celine. With 6 classic lines to choose from, you’ll have no problem styling together stellar ensembles head-to-toe.


Love a good minimalist bag without the complexity? The Triomphe is the ultimate Celine handbag line to bring you a timeless style you can enjoy for a long time.Mmore importantly, you can proudly flaunt your designer piece with its iconic gold closure.

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The bigger the bag, the more stuff you can bring around. While that’s every woman’s dream, it’s not easy finding a stylish big handbag. Celine’s 16 collection is the best source for a larger-sized classic piece that’s appropriate for the street just as it is for the office.

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Triomphe Canvas

If monograms are your thing, don’t look past the Triomphe Canvas line. Offering handbags in a wide range of styles, you can easily showcase Celine’s classic identity with the brand’s traditional pattern. Better yet, this line is one of the most versatile ones.

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There’s one Celine handbag in particular that almost everyone thinks of when hearing the brand’s name—and that’s a Cabas tote! Available in a handful of unique prints, patterns, and neutral color combinations, you can effortlessly wear the luxury brand casually.

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Round shoulder bags have been around for longer than we all can remember, but are also making a trend-setting comeback this past year. With classic and modern designs to choose from, you can easily access the trend via Celine in any style you desire.

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Celine may be known for many styles of handbags, but the Trapeze is often most overlooked. Spacious and certainly timeless in its design, this model is one of the best for a high-end, elevated look—and it’s definitely unique compared to other brands.

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