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Established by the revolutionary legend Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the luxury fashion house has been a long-standing icon in the ever-evolving industry. Chanel is known for its simplistic elegant pieces that stand the test of time. Coco's signature women’s Chanel pieces such as tweed suit skirts and quilted handbags still remain as the centerpieces of the brand. However, another significant figure, Karl Lagerfeld, worked his magic onto the brand by adding personality to Chanel. Lagerfeld’s touch of edginess, humor, fantasy, sexiness and sophistication is obvious at each collection; every year, the fashion icon pushed the industry with his fusion of fantasy with timeless fashion pieces. With items like iconic women’s Chanel logo handbags, shoes and sunglasses to men’s Chanel bags, and watches, our online Chanel store features an exclusive collection of women’s Chanel & men’s Chanel pieces to choose from.

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We all know that the word "MATELASSE" is of CHANEL and its a very icon model made by Gabrielle Chanel with quilted leather. There was only handbags first but CHANEL added chain to set both hands free when going out. Black lambskin 2.25 MATELASSE should be the one as a first CHANEL bag.
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Iconic collection with fun such as "5" of No.5, Camellias and logo "COCO" embossed in.
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CHAIN WALLET (aka WOC) is one of the classic and popular model at CHANEL and it can be easy to bring out to anywhere such party if you hide the chain inside. It's not too small than its shape; a lipstick, coins, paper bills, cards and even a phone could be fitted in. Another reason why people love this CHAIN WALLET would be its price. Half price of its classic flap bag!
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Karl Lagerfeld has designed a very new and authentic design of bag at 2011 Fall/Winter as the Boy Collection; BOY CHANEL. Inspired by a cartridge bag that was made for hunters as a shoulder or cross-body bag with chain. He states that "CHANEL had this attitude, it's the very spirit of Chanel. She"d picked it up from Bpy Capel, the great love of her lfe... indeed, the bag's called BOY CHANEL".
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Made of cotton and has variety in its shapes; chain bags. canvas totes, clutches and backpacks. Not as leather, you could use each color depends on occasions such as school, mother's and office.
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It's literally "classic" and "timelessly" popular in the world (almost forever!). Its original was created essential tote, executive tote and 2.55 in 1920s by Gabrielle Chanel and re-designed in 1980, but been changing slightly every year. ex.) The Chanel Classic Flap Bag switched from being a single flap design to a double flap in the year 2011.
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Founded in 1910, Chanel is a universal symbol of luxurious fashion pieces with items from clothing, handbags, jewelry, and shoes. The iconic designer also captures the attention of men and women around the world for its phenomenally successful lines of cologne and perfume, like Chanel N°5. Chanel’s collections of luxurious leather goods and other accessories, such as women’s Chanel sunglasses and hats are also extremely popular.

The History of Chanel

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is the woman behind the prestigious brand. Coco Chanel was born in 1883 and learned to sew at a young age from nuns at the orphanage where she was raised. Just years later, the accomplished seamstress opened her first store in Paris where she became a hit for her jersey dresses. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was destined to take part in the feminine revolution that was still developing at the time. With Coco’s work, modernized classic dresses and tweed outfits, like her famous little black dresses, replaced restrictive corsets. The 2.55 shoulder bag is another one of Coco Chanel’s legendary models that became wildly successful, as it was designed specifically for women on the go with an elongated strap to free up women’s hands.

In 1983, more than a decade after Coco Chanel’s death, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld succeeded as the brand’s creative director. Lagerfeld established his flashy style while at the same time respecting Coco’s everlasting legacy. Several of his additions to Chanel include the iconic CC turnlock and the leather and chain straps on many of the brand’s handbags. It was under his direction when Chanel launched its first line of men’s & women’s watches as well. Several favorite collections of the couture house include the Boy Chanel collection, Deauville collection, and Matelasse collection.

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Today, Chanel is still very much present in several different sectors of the luxury designer fashion industry. The brand continues to remain the symbol of pure luxury. Chanel pieces have a reputation for being the highest quality possible, which is no surprise why the designer won over the hearts of the most demanding women in the fashion industry. Explore BUYMA’s exclusive collection of women’s and men’s Chanel pieces in our luxury online Chanel store to see for yourself why consumers all over the world are obsessed with the iconic designer.

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