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Turn Heads Everywhere with Prada’s FW22/23 Collection

Turn Heads Everywhere with Prada’s FW22/23 Collection
Known for everything black, Prada has become the epitome of classic meets edge. There’s no better description of the brand’s style and its fall/winter collection this year certainly illustrates the same. Whether you’re on a casual stroll looking for fall/winter essentials or a one-off ensemble for a special occasion, Prada undoubtedly has what you need. And while the label’s signature touch is seen throughout every piece, you’re still met with a couple of surprises in clothing and footwear especially. Overall, the collection is a solid source for looking your best and turning heads everywhere and anywhere this season.


Classics, trendsetters, and beyond—Prada is bringing it all. While you would expect a whole lot of the label’s beloved black (and you’ll still find it), there’s surprisingly a world of color to adore. From traditional fall/winter shades to exciting pops of greens and pinks, you’ll be satisfied in knowing there’s a handbag for you. Not to mention, every silhouette you could dream of is in this collection, too.

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While the fall-to-winter seasons are all about boots and booties galore, they aren’t the only thing the brand is delivering this time around. With chunky loafers and elevated sneakers taking the center stage for this year’s season, you can expect to find more of them with this new release. No ensemble is too casual or too formal to pair with one of Prada’s iconic pairs of shoes—and these happen to compliment everything.

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If there’s anything specific in apparel you’re in search of, you might just find it all here. While Prada is notoriously known for its upscale pencil skirts and puffer coats, you’ll be met with an array of other options to explore. With every style of outerwear covered, you’ll be content to know your fall/winter looks are handled. And if you’re feeling a bit more risky, you’ll also find a handful of unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

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While accessories are one category you don’t expect much change from, the brand surprisingly delivers more than expected. Prada has always been recognized for their timeless bags, but oftentimes, their smaller pieces get overlooked. With perfectly-sized wallets in every color, endless hats, keychains, and belts, you’ll have no trouble adding the finishing touches to your fall/winter outfits.

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