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Men’s Down Jackets: The North Face & Moncler Edition

Men’s Down Jackets: The North Face & Moncler Edition
When you think of men’s outerwear, what brands immediately come to your mind? For us, it’s Moncler and The North Face—two star players when it comes to down jackets specifically. With the winter season just weeks away, there’s no better time than now to stock up on the most stylish and warmest winter coats. More importantly, these six styles from the two brands are designed timelessly for winters to come. Where there’s Moncler and The North Face, there’s simply no need to sacrifice style, ever.



If your top priority is to find a fashion-forward jacket, then the Maya was created for you. Designed with a lustrous finish, you can have the classic jacket style, all with a semi-shiny finish. While there’s a whole lot of style to be enjoyed, there’s also warmth.

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As one of the lightest jackets from Moncler, the Cardere isn’t any less warm. Easy to layer with your favorite go-to outfits and certainly just as cozy, this pick makes the perfect day-to-day essential. And after all, winter coats don’t have to be oversized.

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Available in a wide variety of fun colors, the Peuplier is everyone’s go-to casual coat. While certainly much less formal than the brand’s other offerings, this piece is just as great—especially for those who are more active in their day-to-day lives.

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If you love the Maya, then there’s a big chance you’ll love the Ecrins even more. With more options when it comes to color and luster, you can easily grow a collection of coats that match everything. Virtually timeless, this style was made for everyone’s taste.

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White Label

Sometimes the classics are the best, and when it comes to The North Face, that definitely holds true. Famous for its traditional black style, the White Label is easily one of the most versatile pickups. The verdict is simple: you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Feeling a bit more adventurous? The Nuptse is the perfect combination of the brand’s classic jacket style but with a modern twist. Available in a handful of exciting urban graphics and designs, you can easily show off your unique style with just a single down jacket.

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