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In the conjoining worlds of fashion and music, Vivienne Westwood is arguably the reigning queen (as we can tell from the brand’s crowned-orb motif logo). The eccentric English punk designer and past-time partner to late creative genius, Malcom McLaren (read: Sex Pistols), is one woman who we can count on for endlessly defying the barriers of “normalcy.” When it comes to Vivienne Westwood, fashion seems to play the role as a platform for rebellion and highlighting subcultural issues. Juxtaposing the hippie movement from the '60s, Westwood and McLaren came into the scene like a storm, fusing fashion with punk rock music and anti-establishment provocation…Westwood’s work has evolved organically since the 1970s, alongside McLaren and other like-minded creators shaping a community of radical voices––and ironically appealing to couture fashion editors and high-end establishments. Tweed fabrics, printed tees shredded and safety-pinned back together, pirate-esque silhouettes, straps and zippers galore, asymmetries, regal velvets, proper English tailoring, bras fastened over shirts, 18th century corsets, body stockings… Westwood’s avant-garde, punk designs remain to this day universally popular.


Unisex Street Style Caps
Vivienne Westwood
$150 USD
Unisex Bucket Hats Wide-brimmed Hats
Vivienne Westwood
$128 USD
Crew Neck Unisex Long Sleeves Plain Cotton Logo
Vivienne Westwood
$268 USD
$247 USD
7% off
Wide-brimmed Hats
Vivienne Westwood
$180 USD
Crew Neck Unisex Street Style U-Neck Plain Cotton
Vivienne Westwood
$262 USD
$128 USD
51% off
Platform Faux Fur Platform & Wedge Sandals
Vivienne Westwood
$546 USD
$475 USD
12% off
Street Style Metal Logo Bracelets
Vivienne Westwood
$189 USD
$157 USD
16% off
Unisex Wide-brimmed Hats
Vivienne Westwood
$156 USD
Shoulder Bags
Vivienne Westwood
$546 USD
Leather Logo Coin Cases
Vivienne Westwood
$155 USD
Leather Logo Belts
Vivienne Westwood
$410 USD
$194 USD
52% off

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